Online Miracle Healing Room


We have one big Online Healing Room for the entire world right here. While we cannot respond to the entire world’s prayer requests, we can help everyone either at no or low cost. Watch our brief introduction video to see how we are bringing Healing Rooms to everyone in the world with access to the Internet.


  1. Many people lack the means or the ability to transport themselves to a Healing Room.
  2. Not everyone gets 100% instantly healed during the 20 minute sessions that Healing Rooms offer. They may require or desire something more:
      • instructional
      • with a goal of discipleship with signs and wonders following
      • longer term
      • individualized


We HEAL the sick in Jesus name. We do not “pray for the sick”, if by that phrase you are referring to the tradition of begging God to heal you. We are continuing Christ’s habit of teaching and healing. Find out how we do this online.


You can get a glimpse of how the last 120 people instantly received their healing at our testimonies page. The online, phone, and in-person verified healings are all there.
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